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October 19th Osaka Japan witnessed the birth of K-Energy, a division of the World Kumite Organization (WKO). The event was held at the Osaka Prefecture Arena in conjunction with the Byakuren 30 year Anniversary and the WKO All Japan . This was the day that two of the worlds most influential fighters in the history of Kick Boxing met for the 6th and final time. Both Enesto Hoost and Peter Aerts were in perfect shape with weighin weights the day before the event of 106 and 105 kilos. The weighin was electrifying when these two legends faced off.

On the same card Sefan Leko squared off against Tofan The Technician. Tofan, the taller of the two, tried to stand over Leko at the face off forcing Leko to look up.

Then there was Andrea The Mad Man… He was up against former K-1 Heat Series champion Prince Ali. This was a spine tingling face of as both fighters were giving each other a stare down. In the end Sifu Kancho, the President of WKO, had to step in and separate them.

The final Weigh in needed no Introduction. The legend himself, “The King of Muay Thai” and a man the Thais refer to as one of only 7 Muay Thai fighters in the 100 year history of Muay Thai in Thailand to be given the official title of “Muay Thai Legend”. The Holder of 17 World Titles and multiple Lumpinee Titles not to mention the WKO 2010 World Kumite Champion and World Karate Champion SAKMONGKOL and known to his Karate fans as the Shorin Kempo fighter Mongkong Kaled. Sakmongkol stepped on the scales at 72 kilos against one of Japans top middle weight fighters Yokoyama Go who weighed in at 71.75 kilos however with a 3 inch height advantage.
The posedown on the scale showed that all the fighters were in top shape for this event .

Both Hoost and Aerts were carrying no fat and were lean and ready to fight. All the others were ripped and ready.

The event was sponsored by K-Energy L-Glutamine for extreme Martial Artists . This specially designed formula that the K-Energy guys use, gives sustained energy and rapid recovery so that fighters can get the best out of their work outs . A months supply delivered to your door for only $30 US including shipping. You can find it at

The Press went crazy at the weigh in when the boys took off their shirts to step on the scales . After seeing the fighters ripped and ready there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that these boys were here to fight .

On the same card were 39 of Japans top Karate Fighters battling out in an open weight tournament to se who would become the WKO All Japan Open weight Champion.

On the day of the fight in what will be known as the biggest press release in decades of Kick boxing WKO President Sifu McInnes and Vice President Soshi Sugihara with the help of Soshi Ishii put on some of the most exciting fights seen in Japan for a long time. Fighters went toe to toe with nobody knowing who would win. After the first rounds in most of the fights, all bets were off .



The first of the Main event was The legend Sakmongkol vs Yokoyama Go . Simply WOW!!!!! Yokoyama came out strong and threw some big shots, but the Legend took them with no problem. Halfway into the first round Sakmongkol, deciding to lift it up a notch, turned up the heat throwing those left kicks he is famous for. You could here the crack as they smashed into the shins of the Japanese fighter. When the bell rang for the start of the second round, Yokahama rushed in throwing combinations and then a turning heel kick (Ushiro Mawasi geri) and connected big time with Sakmongkols head .!!!! This was the turning point in the fight . Sukmongkol took the kick like it was nothing, but you could see the anger in his eyes as he unleashed a barrage of devastating punches and kicks on Yokoyama Go like never seen before in Japan. Dropping Yokoyama to the canvas. Yokoyama, managed to get to his feet before the Referee got to the count of 8. By this time, Sakmongkol could smell blood and as soon as the referee said fight he destroyed the Japanese champion and knocked him out with a 10 count.



It was obvous that Leko wanted to prove his critics wrong and was in Japan to fight. In the first round Leko looked like his old self. Both Tofan and Leko exchanged some heavy blows as these two boys stood toe to toe slugging it out. Leko dropped Tofan face first with a leg kick followed by a left hook, but then Tofan turned it up on Leko only to have Leko stand infront of him and not back down. The second round started out just as hard as the first, with both fighters being knocked down only to get back up and punch on even harder. As the fight progressed the tables turned with Stefan turning up the heat and dropping Tofan several times to the point that he was almost ready to give up. Tofans leg was attacked time and time again as they moved into the third round. You could hear Sakmongkol screaming at Tofan “you have two legs and a heart ….use them …!!!!” . At the end of the round, after receiving a massive left hook Leko couldn’t get out of his seat, blood was trickling down his cheek from his ear, he suffered a severely perf0rated ear drum and couldn’t stand up. Tofan won after a grulling hard 3 round by TKO when Stefan had to retreat to his cornor .



This was an all out war. The Mad Man was on a mission and it was all about pressure. He entered the ring in an Orange Prison suit with shackles and chains the and crowed went crazy. From the minute they touched gloves these boys battled. It was anyones game. Andre received a wicked cresent kick to the head which only made him more crazy. He begain to tear Prince Ali apart piece by piece. Training at the WKO Hombu in Thailand for the fight, Andre had some of the best stand up trainers in the world in his corner and you could see Andre was super fit and on a mission to KO Prince Ali who could not get to his feet after receiving several of The Mad Mans Heavy blows and was counted out .

This man is destined to be a great carismatic fighter in Japan and he backs it up in the ring.



This event was a total shock to most as the Odds were 10 to 1 that Aerts would take out Hoost in the first two rounds. It all started when Ernesto took off his shirt at the weighin and he was a perfect lean 105 kgs exactly like he used to be when he was in peak form back in the K1 days. At this point the odds started to shift from Aerts to hoost .. Aerts looked in top shape with the exception of his right leg which had a badly pulled ligament and a shin cut from his previous fight. From the moment the fighters entered the ring, Aerts in his Dogi and Hoost to the music he always uses, to the final bell of the fifth round everyone was on the edge of their seats. HOOST WAS IN THE HOUSE and he wanted that belt. From round 1 Peter loaded up the pressure. At first everyone thought Hoost wouldn’t be able to handle it, but he proved everyone wrong. Both men were going for it for the whole 5 rounds. But once Hoost got his second wind there was no stopping him. This man is a machine….If there is ever to be a rematch it will be the fight of the century.

At the end of the day Hoost came out the Winner of the K-ENERGY LEGENDS HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORKD.